Dhru Dave (Honeywell, New York, The U.S.)

"After going through most of Deniz’s YouTube videos, I was convinced to give a shot at his course. Nowhere else will you find the amazing insider advice that Deniz shells out in LIG. The concise, to the point, exciting, and eye-opening modules are priceless. I wasn't unemployed before I joined the program but I was confident that I could find a better role where I could be happier. Having implemented these strategies, I quickly came to realize how effective they exactly are! Kudos and Thank You! Thank you for your constant support & content, Deniz!" LinkedIn Profile


Let me share this immediately; LIG is not a walk in the park. There is so much you’ll have to learn and do.

It’s a difficult program and it is only for those who consider themselves action-takers.

But if you feel courageous enough like most of the 7,000 members who joined so far since 2017, then your probability to succeed is about 80%.

80% is the success rate we discovered after having conducted a very thorough survey of former LIG members.

This means the probability of you having a wonderful job with decent colleagues is 80%,

The probability to have a wealthy life with its relative luxuries is 80%.

The probability to lead a happy enough life without financial burden is 80%.

That’s incredible odds if you ask me.

Today's LIG version is even more powerful than the one reflected in the survey results.

Regardless of your location - whether it's a rural town in the Midwest U.S., the expansive landscapes of northern Canada, or the bustling, vibrant cities of India - LIG enables you to seize high-paying job opportunities with the most successful multinational employers, both domestically and abroad.


by Jennifer Ge (Philips, Seattle, The U.S.)

"Deniz, I couldn't have done it without you. This is a start position for me after my MBA study. You gave me not only the strategy to win but also the courage to win. I wish I joined LIG earlier and I wish I never wasted all those valuable months prior to the program." LinkedIn Profile

The Core Modules (Get The Interviews)

Whether you're a fresh graduate with limited experience or a seasoned professional, a chemist or an aerospace engineer, an MBA holder aiming for their first executive position or a student trying to secure a reputable internship, regardless of your profession, the core training modules will equip you with unique and proven strategies that will allow you to get job interviews and secure the job you deserve with any employer.

Over 7,000 people (data by Aug.22) have taken LIG and so far we have achieved a success rate of 80% all around The World with the majority of members joining from The U.S., Canada, The U.K., the U.A.E., and India.

All of you, my YouTube subscribers, hold a very special place in my heart. I want all of you to be extremely successful in your careers. I will give you the formula, you just have to implement it.

Bonus: Interview Preparation Modules

Once you implement the core LIG strategy, it'll be just a matter of time (15 to 45 days) before you start attending many interviews for high quality, high paying roles. I feel I am responsible to help you train for those days too.

Let’s be honest, interview is a performance art. You are building a character in those 60 minutes during your interview.

“Be Yourself” advice I am afraid doesn’t pass interviews. Our characters and skills are way more complex than can be presented in an hour. The character you build in the interview will have to suit the needs of the vacancy. You'll also need to be confident and know how to answer the questions. I’ll teach you how in numerous bonus modules. I will also share with you 100+ Interview Questions and Answers. These are the answers they want to hear from you.

Bonus: One-on-One Career Support (from me)

My support towards LIG members goes way beyond the training provided in the program. While you are only paying a relatively small amount to have access to the program, you are also automatically becoming a part of my inner circle.

I am your consultant and here to help you get to the next level in your career. Whether it's finding a 6 figure employment, passing interviews, getting that promotion, your projects at work, impressing your managers, transferring to new departments, helping you navigate office politics, and so on. I am here for you throughout your career from the beginning to your retirement. You will have not only my personal email address but even my cell phone number. Most students enjoy the ability to send me voice notes with WhatsApp.

Only a Few of 7,000+ LIG Members Say...


Zayna Aouni (San Francisco, The U.S.)

"Deniz without a doubt is someone who is very experienced and extremely knowledgeable in the career development field. I learned so much from him by applying some of the techniques he describes in the LIG program. I truly believe that his strategy gives you a lot more opportunities compared to conventional methods. Deniz also commits to helping his LIG program subscribers and I assure you he will take time to understand your concern and will give you the best advice. I am very happy with the LIG program because I am currently applying all these techniques and I can see the results already. The program is a great one and is worth every penny and even a lot more! " LinkedIn Profile


Chuan Yang (Deloitte, Dublin, Ireland)

"I started watching Deniz’s YouTube channel since I got my first interview. His channel provided me meaningful insights into how to structure my answers. However, I still failed few interviews and had difficulty getting interviews with the companies I wanted to work for. Then I signed up to LIG. And there came the turning point for me. In a very short time, I found myself interviewing for the top firms in the country. Coming from China, having my master's degree in Ireland, and looking for jobs in top firms in the country presented many challenges for me. I had to be competitive and I needed a program and a mentor who has been "there" to understand the competitiveness. Deniz definitely was the right person to listen to. Deniz was, and is, and will always be my role model in my career. After I joined LIG and went through the great content, I emailed Deniz for specific questions I look to get answers relating to my coming interview and I didn’t hope for reply because it seemed to me that the question was too complicated. Surprisingly, not only did he reply but also with very rich advice for my situation. I couldn’t have gotten my dream job without this program. Thank you, Deniz." LinkedIn Profile


Ala Lutz (Zurich, Switzerland)

"A talented person is talented in everything." is exactly describing Deniz. I have never met anyone outstanding person like him. Not only is he an expert in his own technical field of management consulting but he is also open to sharing his knowledge achieving a similar success as he did. He doesn’t hold anything back. It is rare nowadays to meet professionals who bring competence to the table with a mix of a very positive attitude and an extremely friendly demeanor. Even when I was asking technical questions related to my own field, he was as knowledgeable as I was about it. He really is an expert in business and that’s why LIG is very different than anything out there. Moreover, he can assess any complicated situation and provide a constructive and insightful feedback. He always supported me with an exceptional guidance throughout each stage of the recruitment process and proposed an efficient strategy for me to become successful. What I value the most is that Deniz proved to be incredibly honest, helpful and knowledgeable. Investing in LIG programme is about much more than just learning these techniques that he teaches in the course but also acquiring a new mentor, and knowing that someone where you want to be is ready to guide you when you need. It’s a great sense of feeling." LinkedIn Profile


Dhru Dave (Honeywell, New York, The U.S.)

"After going through most of Deniz’ YouTube videos, I was convinced to give a shot at his course. No where else will you find the amazing insider advice that Deniz shells out. The concise, to the point, exciting, and eye-opening modules are priceless. I wasn't unemployed before I joined the program but I was confident that I could find a better role. Having implemented these strategies, I quickly came to realize how effective they exactly are! Kudos and Thank You! Thank you for your constant support & content, Deniz!" LinkedIn Profile


Mitra Ibrahimi (Zartis, Madrid, Spain)

"To be honest, I feel very lucky that I found Deniz in these very sensitive moments of my life. I decided to participate in his training program and I have to say it’s just wonderful! He is very methodological. You cannot find this training anywhere else! If you want to increase your self-confidence, generate interviews with great firms, and pass those interviews, join his training! It’s worth more than what you pay for it." LinkedIn Profile


Wendy Chen (Vancouver, Canada)

"I am a confident marketing executive with over 15 years of experience in the field. I worked in leading organisations in my career. Early 2016, I immigrated to Canada with my family from Hong Kong with very high expectations and hopes. I never thought I would have any problem whatso ever in finding jobs. I was certain of my CV and I was confident that my CV would sell itself. After all, 15 years in the industry with employers like P&G under my belt shouldn’t have left any doubts in employers’ minds. I was wrong. I was very wrong. 6 months after we moved, I was still unemployed and the only companies interested in me were retail stores, considering me for cashier positions. Let’s just say that it really battered my confidence. I had no option but to take it. During my lows, one of my friends, a former student of Deniz shared with me his access details to LIG. The course was incredible. I literally learned a lot from it and realized that pretty much everything I was doing was a waste of my time. In fact, I bought my own copy immediately so I can get in touch with this man who developed such an amazing program. The best decision ever. Deniz took care of me, my career, and maybe even saved our family. Because, if I didn’t get a job for another month or so we would be in a very difficult situation financially. He is just a very good hearted man."

The Payback Period for your LIG investment is just 1 Day!

Assuming that you find a job with a salary of only USD 60,000 per year thanks to what you learn in LIG, it’ll take you just about 1 work day to get your LIG investment back. [=297/(60,000/260)]. The payback on this investment is not years or months. It's just 1 day.

Then, the question is; Will LIG help you find a great job 1 day faster than you could on your own?

The answer is; Not just 1 day, but months faster; 3 to 6 months faster. In addition, it’ll open incredible doors to you. Many doors that were previously invisible to your profile.

Assuming an average salary of only $5,000, what is the value of an investment that cuts down on your unemployment or underemployment by 6 months? You do the math.

In fact, I believe in LIG and its ability to transform your career so much that I am giving you a result guarantee. If LIG - for whatever reason - doesn't work for you, I'll return your money. You have no risks to join the program.

In a world where career consultants (most of them not even qualified) charge you 1 month salary, you get to have greater benefits at 1/30th the cost, tax-deductible in most countries, cut down on your unemployment or underemployment by many months, shoot for roles that were previously not even possible and you get all of that with no downside risk.


Imran Hussein (Ernst & Young, Melbourne, Australia)

I struggled very hard for close to 2 years, since late 2016, to get a job in a Big 4 consulting firm since I immigrated to Australia. This despite the fact that I already had a background with Big 4, all the relevant qualifications and skills-sets, a university rank, a college silver medal and an appreciation letter from my National Tax director for my job performance. But nothing seemed to work as I wasn't a 'close fit' for any jobs at Big 4s. After joining this amazing course, I learnt a lot of strategies that helped me to boost my chances to the point where I got re-hired again with a much higher salary with my old company EY but this time in Australia. I realised that my old strategies for job search were completely wrong. I cannot thank Deniz enough for creating this course. With his brutal honesty, affable personality and no molly-coddling approach, Deniz raises the bar of career counselling to a whole new level, which perhaps, has no parallel, anywhere on the internet or in the real world. Deniz is someone, whom you must really pay attention to for your career counselling. I have learnt tremendously from his educational videos on YouTube and especially from this amazing course. If there is one investment that could potentially alter the way you think about your career and job with MNCs, then this is it." LinkedIn Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I join and how long will it take to find my dream job?

    In my opinion, the most significant damage from being unemployed or underemployed doesn't affect your finances or future employability. Material things can always be accumulated again. However, I believe you take the biggest damage to your psychology, self-esteem, and self-worth. The same is true for working with toxic colleagues.

    “The risk of depression is higher among the unemployed than among the employed” (Reference to Study by Robin E.McGee et al, source CDC.

    There are literally 1,000s of academic studies pointing out extreme consequences to one’s psychology during unemployment, underemployment, or periods of having to work with toxic, abusive colleagues even if these signs may not be apparent at first. This is the reason why I urge everyone to pull the trigger as quickly as possible on their decision to join LIG or not.

    If you make the decision, then don’t wait. You are taking a hit on your psychology every single day, and that damage may surface one day as depression, mental health issues, extreme lack of motivation, anger, or intrusive thoughts.

    You have to approach job hunting with a great sense of urgency. Every single day, a role that is just perfect for you is being filled by someone else. And who knows if the pool is filled back in with more suitable roles – especially given the recent recession indications.

    For the vast majority of career professionals, without what they learn in LIG, their job hunt can last up to 6 months, and they often end up settling for a mediocre employer.

    Almost none of my 7,000+ LIG members has ever spent more than 2 months unemployed. In fact, over 80% find their ideal jobs within 15 to 45 days after completing the program.

  • Is it tax-deductible in The U.S.?

    In the U.S. deductible education expenses are defined in Treasury regulations section 1.162-5. You can deduct courses you take that maintain or improve skills needed for your profession. The ability to get and perform well in job interviews is an essential skill for any profession.

    For more on this;

    A direct quote from the source above

    "Tip three: You may be able to deduct courses you take that maintain or improve skills needed for your work. For example: If you repair televisions, you can deduct courses you take to keep up with the latest changes in television repair."

    Although we know many LIG members deduct LIG expenses, we are not tax consultants so please consult your tax professional.

  • What is your background?

    In 2017, I took a big step and left my job at PwC Consulting, where I was a manager in our strategy consulting business unit. I was 36 and had already spent a decade in management consulting by then.

    Working with over 200 multinational clients, helping them solve their most pressing problems was an awesome experience, but I wanted something more.

    I decided to follow my heart and focus on helping ambitious professionals find their way. Besides guiding LIG members, I'm also living my childhood dream by co-owning a couple of industrial and precious metals mines.

    I also have an MBA degree from Cass Business School of City University London and numerous professional certificates that are too long to list.

    You can find more about my background here;

  • I don’t have connections and I haven't graduated from a top university. That's why I can't find a good job.

    You don’t need connections; friends, friends of friends, or relatives to succeed in the corporate world.

    If you were looking for “a job”, any job, then it might have helped but with LIG, we’re shooting for “the job”. The job you deserve.

    I am carefully choosing the word “deserve” here because anyone who invests a significant amount of funds into a 4-year degree and perseveres through those 4 years to graduate deserves to have a decent living standard, be debt-free, and have a career that grows every year.

  • Will I make my investment back?

    The truth is… we legally cannot guarantee you will make back your investment on your first attempt (or at all). That’s the law.

    And really, there are far too many factors at play for us to make any kind of guarantee like that. There is a reason why 20% of LIG members fail in the beginning.

    But that is just absolutely perfect… because it allows you to fine-tune your approach, and most often, you end up succeeding much greater than you even thought was possible.

    If you start receiving offers immediately in the first week or two, it usually means you could have aimed for a better employer with much greater compensation. So, sometimes it is a good thing that it doesn’t pay off immediately. Most of the people who achieve the “impossible” with LIG are those who failed at the beginning but bounced back much stronger once they made the necessary changes in their approach.

    And the great thing is once you make LIG’s formula work for you, then it won’t give you results just once, but it will continue to give for the rest of your career over and over. That’s how some of the LIG students have achieved C-level roles at billion-dollar firms, regularly receiving millions of dollars in salary and stock options. They applied LIG every 2 years and less than a decade later they found themselves in C-level roles.

  • I can't afford the cost at the moment. Is there any discount?

    The cost to join LIG back in 2017 when we first launched was $1,200. You're already getting quite a discount on your investment. 100s of people have joined the program at that cost and they were very happy with their decisions.

    In 99% of the cases, it’s not a question of affordability but a question of preference. None of us want to part with our funds or a bunch of "matter" we accumulated.

    We are risk-averse by default. The problem with this risk-averse mindset is that it always leads to ignoring opportunities which then leads to increasing your absolute risk as you spend more time unemployed or underemployed. This is a feedback loop with a negative outcome. LIG is that great opportunity. I know of LIG members who downgraded their cell phones to join the program and ended up tripling their salaries in less than a month.

    We live in an extremely competitive period of time. Every minute you waste, another great vacancy suitable to your background is being filled. It’s not even a fair competition. The one who is taught a better strategy always wins. Strategy + Effort = A Great Job Offer; it's as simple as that. Strategy comes from me, effort comes from you. That’s how we win.

  • I am above 40 years old. Can I still benefit from LIG?

    Of course! If anything, you’ll be the ones who see results the quickest. Around 30% of LIG members are between 40 to 55 years old. Your career is a 40-year journey. What difference does it make even if you recover your career a little late? You still have at least 15 to 25 years of human capital left in you. That's a very long time.

  • Is LIG relevant to Master's Graduates?

    More than relevant, it’s a must. You’ve invested 10s of thousands of dollars (like me) in your higher education and you have to break into big-name employers as quickly as you can. Your diploma will not give you the interviews you think you’ll have as you get closer to graduation. You’ll find out soon. But I hope not the hard way.

    There’s a reason why so many of the most reputable business schools in the World hire me and my team to come run workshops once a year for their graduating classes.

  • What do you mean by One-on-one online career support? Is this personal coaching? Is there an extra cost?

    This comes as a big surprise to many. For some reason, most of you don’t believe that I can still provide answers to your questions without charging an extra fee.

    My support towards LIG students goes way beyond the training provided in this course. While you are only paying a relatively small amount to buy the program, you are also automatically becoming a part of my inner circle.

    I am your consultant and here to help you get to the next level in your career, whether it’s finding a job you love, passing interviews, getting that promotion, impressing your managers, transferring to a new department, helping you navigate office politics, and so on. It is as simple as that. I am not running a greedy business, trying to maximize profits – if anything, almost all the profits from not only LIG but also the entire The Career Mastery LLC which also includes our other major commercial activities are donated to raising a classroom of young girls in Africa.

    In essence, if I can continue to add value to your life, I will; I don’t need to charge an extra fee each time I answer your questions…

  • Which companies are LIG members working for now?

    Way too many to list but some of the well known ones include; Boston Consulting Group, PwC Consulting, EY, McKinsey, Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, ABB, Philips, Tesla, Schneider Electric, GlaxoSmithKline, United Overseas Bank, Mercedes Benz, ASML, Shopify, Uber, Mubadala, AlFuttaim, Jardine Matheson, Alibaba Group, Sabanci Holding, Tata Consultancy Services, Reckitt Benckiser, George Weston, Netflix, Careem, Accenture, Rovio, Manulife, Cardinal Health, DHL, Unilever, General Motors, STEL, Tencent, Abbott, Shell, AECOM, Oracle, and many more...

  • Do you offer refund?

    Yes, sure. I want you -all my YouTube subscribers- to be successful. We've been together for a very long time.

    If you don't end up succeeding for whatever reason, I'll refund your money immediately; no questions asked as long as you keep it within the 90 days of the purchase. That's how much I believe in you and your desire to succeed. If you didn't have that passion for a better career, you wouldn't follow my channel in the first place. I know you have an unbreakable desire to succeed and I know you will be successful

  • I understand I can get better jobs joining LIG but I don't know which direction to take. My career hasn't been very consistent. I need help with the direction.

    That's what I am here for! As you know, LIG comes with direct access to me personally. This will give you an opportunity to sense-check with me while you're in the implementation phase of LIG.

    I love receiving emails from LIG members and solving their career challenges together.

    I won't tell you which direction you should take; rather, we'll figure it out together. You're not alone, though. Many members go through the same process.

  • How do I know LIG will work for my industry?

    When I first started LIG back in 2017, I had no idea that it would be used in so many industries and functions. I thought the primary interest would come from business degrees but I was quickly proven wrong both in terms of fields and functions.

    LIG has been used in almost every field and function; like music field, healthcare field, teaching, sports, real estate, accounting, filming, administration, politics, NGOs, digital artwork, SAP programming, doctors and nurses, lawyers – all with an equal success rate of about 80%.

  • Does LIG work in The U.S., Australia, Canada, UK, etc?

    LIG is not a region-specific program and we have a similar success rate of around 80% across all the regions of The World. I would, however, say that the students from The U.S. and Canada enjoy a slightly higher success rate compared to other countries.

  • Where are you based?

    After Canada, my family and I made Dubai our second home. Although there is no "perfect city", Dubai ticks a lot of the boxes for us.


Femi Badejo (Philadelphia, The U.S.)

“I came across Deniz while searching for some interview prep videos on YouTube, and I quickly found out that he was the real deal. Deniz’s “out of the box” approach in his videos was very captivating, so I made the decision to try out the LIG program, and I can honestly say that was one of the best investment decisions I made all year. I was able to quickly see what I was doing wrong and got good information from the LIG program, especially, on how to adjust my overall strategy to achieve the best results from the job hunting process. Deniz was also a huge help every step along the way after I joined the LIG program. He was very responsive and made himself available to help me out when I needed some assistance...really great guy! All in all, I can honestly say that the ROI on the LIG program is phenomenal as long as you are willing to use the information properly, and also willing to do the work to get the job you want. It really felt like a dream when I started receiving multiple job offers from top companies, and I hands down attribute a lot of my success in the job hunting process to God, Deniz and the LIG program.” LinkedIn Profile
For technical or admin questions please reach out to Jeanette at

If you are still unsure if LIG is right for you and have more questions, no problem. You can directly ask me your questions by leaving a comment here. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

It's The Source!

Robert Rivera (Washington DC, The U.S.)

"One of the best investments I have made. LIG has been my go-to lighthouse for 4+ years. There is no better peace of mind than professional guidance and experienced advice from what I call - The Source! " LinkedIn Profile


  • Core Module 1 – Overview

  • Core Module 2 – The overview of LIG’s methodology. The strategy overview of how to get interviews with your dream employers

  • Core Module 3 – Resume - This is where we talk about how you can gain an edge with your resume and eliminate the competition.

  • Core Module 4 – Execution of LIG’s methodology

  • Core Module 5 – Triggers

  • Module 6 – Extras: Deniz’s way of Networking

  • Module 7 – Extras: Database of 3500+ Headhunters broken down by expertise and region

  • Module 8 – Optimizing conversions

  • Bonus 1 – Interview Preparation Module; Interview Mechanics Workshop, Interview Confidence Mastery, Impactful Storytelling for Interviews, 100+ Interview Questions and Answers, Virtual Reality Interview Simulation

  • Bonus 2 – How to design a career for long term success


by Kevin Hung (Canada)

"I graduated in April of 2020. At the time, I had a bachelor's degree and 2 related internships. I was looking to enter the field of occupational safety and ergonomics. Things were not looking good at the time, there was a pandemic going on and the economy was shutting down. I was also in a niche field with limited opportunities. Every single response, interview, and 2 offers I got during that time were from implementing the LIG methodology. It's terrifying to think that I would've received 0 responses and offers without it." LinkedIn Profile

Choose Your Payment Preference

You may join LIG with either a one-time investment of $297 (temporarily discounted from $697) or 2 payments of $170.

temporarily discounted